On being 5’0

So I’m not a very tall person (as you can see from the title). In fact, I’m short. Like, really short. My height isn’t something I’m insecure about (I suppose it used to bother me a little when I was younger but  I’ve (ironically) grown into it). The tallness of other people does not bother me. In fact the only time I’m made aware and feel uncomfortable about my height is when I find someone shorter than me (apart from children of course, but did I mention, I’m the height of the average 12 year old?). I am 152cm (although I usually just tell people I’m 150cm because sometimes the doctor tells me differently, so I just round it down).

There are times I wish I had long, super model limbs but there are also perks to being short like wearing a long shirt as a dress, a jacket as a coat, sneaking into tiny spaces, and not having to bend my neck when I stand near the door on the tube. But of course, there are downsides to being short (like not being able to hold onto the overhead railing during rush hour).

I thought it would be fun to do an ‘imagined’ Q&A on questions I think people would want to ask a super-short person but might think its too mean to ask. (I am by no means answering for all short people, the answers are specific to me).

Ask a Short Girl

What’s the weather like down there?

Honestly, I think it’s the same as up there, unless it’s on the tube at 8.30am during rush hour! Then sometimes I find my head burrowed in someone’s armpit.

How do you reach the top shelf?

I have tall friends for that. Or I just ask someone for help. Or I get a stool (if I’m at home).

How do you talk to tall people?

Ironically, my close friends have been pretty tall people. My best friend back in middle school was over 15cm taller than me. She was built like a model. One time another friend made a remark on how I’m making my friend slouch when talking to me! But that’s not true. You can talk to me standing normally.

Why do you like tall guys so much?

Okay, ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you I’m crazy about tall guys (by tall I mean over 6’0). I don’t have a direct answer to this question because there are so many. I just like how tall they are and their long legs! Or maybe, I can say it’s the whole feeling ‘protected’ thing.

What do you do with all that height difference? 

Get picked up!


How do you find clothes?

I fit into normal clothes. If it’s jeans then I sometimes fold the legs up but they are fine down too. Sometimes, I shop from the petite section but it is not necessary.

You must wear heels all the time.

I actually am not a big fan of heels. Simply because even when I wear them, I am still short so I don’t see much point in it.

How much do you eat?

Despite my size, I can eat A LOT but I really shouldn’t. Being smaller means that I can’t eat as much as someone who is 5’9 and not face the consequences… a couple of kg’s shows a lot on me.

You must’ve been a tiny kid.

Funnily, up until about year 5 I was average height. In fact in year 5 I was on the taller side. I don’t know what happened but this changed when I reached the height I am now in year 8. I basically just stopped growing.

How tall are your parents?

They’re not short surprisingly. My Dad is almost 180cm and my Mum is 163cm. So I can’t blame my parents for short genes.

Can you walk faster?

I try! This is probably the only time I get annoyed about my height – especially when I’m rushing somewhere. Longer strides do no work for short people, we have to take quicker and shorter ones.

Something you dislike about your height?

I feel that sometimes being short means people take you less seriously, or you feel inferior. I once read an article somewhere which said that study has shown that taller women have better careers and shorter women make better wives, which is completely ridiculous (at least, I hope!).

Favourite thing about being short? 

Getting picked up! But seriously: cliché as it is, it’s something that makes me, me. I would not feel the same person if I were any other height.

Grown ups have told me, sorrow is caused by wishing we had the things we don’t have and wishing we didn’t have the things we do. In other words, we think the grass is greener on the other side. As a short girl, I can imagine some short girls wishing they were taller and I presume the same applies to some tall girls. Therefore, we should just embrace the height we are as it is what makes us our quirky and unique selves.






3 thoughts on “On being 5’0

    1. aha thank you 🙂 i was quite hesitant to post this one but i haven’t posted in a while and this idea just came to mind! maybe you can do one on being tall ? XP


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