Things I Wear in the Shower.

The title is a little misleading (another idea I had was, ‘Things I Wear in Bed’) but click-bait, right? This post is actually about jewellery. It’s inspired by Marzia’s post, which I came across a few weeks ago, where she writes about the jewellery she never takes off and their significance.

I’ve never been a big fan of jewellery until very recently. I suppose it is an age thing. I never understood the point of having a bunch of jewellery which are just an inconvenience to take off and put on again, so I never wore any (apart from a few earrings that I’ll discuss later). However I’ve always liked things with meaning, and I’ve realised that jewellery (like a tattoo or a souvenir) can hold a lot of meaning.


I have four ear piercings. Three on my right earlobe and one on my left earlobe. I remember having to re-do my earrings several times at the beginning of primary school because we always had to take them off during swimming lessons and they never healed properly. So after the third try, I just gave up. I got them redone in the summer of year 8 with my best friend at the time. We each got a piercing on each side and then another piercing above (she got hers on her left ear and I got mine on my right). After we grew apart, I could never bring myself to get more piercings until the summer of last year (2016). I got the third piercing on my right ear. Now I no longer have a half pair earring lying around the house.

The pearl earrings I’ve worn for almost five years now, were given to me by my mum on my fifteenth birthday. I liked (and still like) anything ‘retro’ looking, and I think pearls are timeless and add a classic touch to anything. The only time I take these off is during Christmas when I wear some fancy Christmas earrings that a close friend has given me a few years ago (it’s been a tradition to wear them every year since).

The ‘diamond’ earrings which are above the pearl were also a gift from my mum. It is funny because I remember saying to her and my dad when I was younger how I’d rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds on my neck (it was something I’d seen on tumblr. and I thought it so-cool during the time). However during a special dinner occasion in summer last year, I told her how much I’ve been wanting diamond earrings and whether I could have them for my birthday. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I got very sick the following month. After I got out of the hospital, she came home with a pair of the cutest earrings.


I always wear a watch when I am out. My current watch I’ve had for just over three years. It is a small, simple black Swatch with roman numerals. Nevertheless I don’t wear that at home all the time. What I keep on all the time are two bracelets, which I’ve bought for myself at the beginning of this year. Both are from Etsy. They are both very tiny, I am a big fan of dainty jewellery so I am in love with them.

I was debating whether to get a normal heart-shape one or a heartbeat one. I consulted a friend and we both decided that the heartbeat would be more unique. Additionally, whenever I see a heartbeat symbol it reminds me of Sylvia Plath’s quote: ‘I listened to the to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.’ She is my favourite writer.

The crystal teardrop is a blue topaz, which is December’s birthstone (I was born in mid-December). It is no secret that stones are said to hold special meaning and healing powers. The Blue topaz is said to inspire creativity, stimulate one’s mind, help in making decisions, regulate mood, and aid in sleep along with having other benefits. Whether it really is magical or not is up to you to believe – I’d still say it’s something special nonetheless.

Apart from these jewellery, I like wearing chokers and some necklaces that family/friends have given me as gifts.

And that’s all I wear in the shower for now.


7 thoughts on “Things I Wear in the Shower.

  1. A misleading title but I love this post, I like special jewellery too, either something that has been carefully created or means something because I wear the same pieces everyday. I love the significance and meaning behind all your pieces.

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  2. I really like this post. Buy to keep on my earrings for the same reason. After reading this I think I will get another piercing (or two) for the single earrings lying forlornly in my drawer.


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